The tennis shop is located in the old tower of the former airfield Maaldrift.
You can find shoes, rackets, balls, grips, strings and an extensive stringing. What can you buy in the tennis shop?

The entire new collection of Dunlop rackets (price €50, – t/m €200,-)
K-Swiss tennis shoes (priced €63,- t /m €105,-)
Extensive range of strings (price €13,- t/m 75,-)
The best replacement grip out there on the market (€8,-)
Various overgrips at very low prices.
Tennis Balls Slazenger and Dunlop (price €10,- t/m €12,- per 4-ball tin)
Naturally, you can test all rackets and allow coaches Arthur, Bram, Mark, Maxime and Johan to help you choose the right racket for your game type.

Although we are very excited about the new Dunlop collection, it could be that there isn’t a racket amongst the collection that suits you. We also sell all other brands of rackets.

There are a lot of different shoes for sale with many different profile soles. We can give you the best advice regarding the profiling of Gravel and Smash Courts. Make sure you have the right shoes! Excluding special-offers, our prices are linked to those of regular merchants. All members of “De Oude Eik” get 15% off the retail price, including all new models!